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Out-of-school-time STEM programs provide an important point of exposure for many St. Louis students to STEM concepts and project-based STEM learning. In early 2018, STEMSTL convened 150 community members to name and prioritize strategic activities needed to better strengthen the STEM learning ecosystem in St. Louis.  One of the strategic priorities identified was building a shared definition of out-of-school-time STEM program quality and developing a commitment to learning, growing, and strengthening as antiracist, high-quality programs to best serve students.

To form our inaugural cohort, we are seeking 10 programs to participate in a 10-month community of practice. These organizations will be committed to learning and progressing as antiracist, high-quality programs for youth–openly, honestly, and with a lens of constant learning and commitment to community, including this community of practice.

These 5 resources, spaces, and tips will help you successfully submit your application to become part of our inaugural community of practice: 

  • Access our webinar on the Community of Practice here
  • Join us for Application Office Hours Wednesday, October 14th-Friday, October 16th @ 3-4 pm cst each day. Click here to hop on and ask questions you may have. 
  • If it’s easier (instead of hopping on office hours), email your questions to Adam
  • Mark your calendars with application, selection process, and convening dates (in the event you are selected to join). All dates can be found in the informational packet below. 
  • Submit your application by Friday October 16th @ 11:59pm cst 

Application FAQs

What are the concrete action items and timeline for participation as one of the 10 organizations?
Refer to Page 1 of our Informational Packet.
What is the anticipated time commitment and schedule?
Time commitments and convening schedule can be found on Page 1 of our Informational Packet. In addition, each
bi-monthly virtual convening will be approximately 2 hours. Rotating monthly one-on-one and group coaching
will also take up to 2 hours per month.
Prep work and homework is ongoing, yet will integrate into the work you do on a daily basis at your organization.
On average, prep work and homework may take 3-5 hours per month (e.g. implementation of tools and resources,
reflections, book club style readings).
Are you looking for collaborators on the Illinois side?
Yes! This Community of Practice is open to our Greater St. Louis community of STEM out-of-school-time programs.
This includes our neighbors in Illinois.
Is this for large already established organizations?
Yes and no–we welcome all organizations (large and established, small and established, as well as newly
established). As long as your organization meets the program requirements mentioned on Page 1 of our
Informational Packet, this Community of Practice is for you. We also welcome the diversity of organizations named
above–we acknowledge the additional richness this can bring to our Community of Practice.
Is it all day or partial day? What would the schedule/time commitment be on those days?
Each bi-monthly virtual convening will be approximately 2 hours. Rotating monthly one-on-one and group
coaching will also take up to 2 hours per month.
It sounds like the rubric is based on individual applicants? Should we apply as an organization if two people
are interested or as an individual.
Our application rubric competencies can also be found on Page 5 of our Informational Packet.
You should apply as an organization. Within our application, we ask for information regarding the 1-2 individuals
who will participate. Exact application questions can also be found in advance on Page 2 of our Informational

Check Out Our One Pager and Preview the Application

Want to learn more about the Community of Practice and the application process? Click the button below to download our program informational packet featuring a one-pager, application preview, and application scoring rubric.
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Meet Our Facilitators

STEMSTL is excited to partner with Strategic Community Partners for this Community of Practice pilot cohort!
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