OST Community of Practice

Out-of-school-time STEM programs provide an important point of exposure for many St. Louis students to STEM concepts and project-based STEM learning. In early 2018, STEMSTL convened 150 community members to name and prioritize strategic to name and prioritize strategic activities needed to better strengthen the city’s STEM learning ecosystem. Some Some of the strategic priorities identified were building a shared definition of out-of-school time STEM programming and developing a commitment to learning, growing, and strengthening as antiracist, high-quality programs to best serve students. 

In 2020, we launched our inaugural cohort—inclusive of 11 organizations—engaging 21 leaders in a 10-month community of practice to fulfill some objectives recommended by regional plans. To learn more about this experience and impact, click here to access our Cohort 1 Impact Report. Learning and seeing the impact of our community of practice, we launched our second cohort with seven organizations gearing up to launch their summer experiences for youth after two years of pivoted programming due to COVID-19. Our second cohort completed their curricular engagement in August 2022. 

Cohort III

Our third cohort of the community of practice is all about work-based learning. This cohort will focus on the systemic barriers that youth face as they enter the world of work. Youth-serving organizations, employers, and youth engaged in training and employment programs will grapple with how to support quality and equity in youth workforce development.

2021 OST Community of Practice Cohort

2022 OST Community of Practice Cohort