Transportable Skills Document

STEMSTL’s Pathways to Workforce workgroup developed this Transportable Skills document to connect K-12 educators with the 21st century skills employers have identified as a need for their workforce. Using Burning Glass data from thousands of job listings, STEMSTL’s partners identified the most in-demand skills that employers are seeking across a variety of STEM industries. Sometimes called soft skills, these competencies aren’t specific to one task or job role but rather strengths that an employee develops and uses throughout their career. Because these skills are so frequently sought by employers, STEMSTL has created the Transportable Skills document to help teachers provide explicit instruction in these skills to help students prepare for careers in St. Louis’s jobs of the future.

STEMSTL’s workforce members have provided definitions of the skills and examples of what the skills look like in action. We hope that this document will be helpful in curriculum and lesson planning as well as career planning with students.

Below you’ll find a document containing all of the skills as well as individual documents broken down by category.