What We Do

STEMSTL partners work collaboratively on systems-level solutions to connect schools, STEM learning institutions, employers and family members around high-quality, rigorous STEM learning and workforce opportunities.

Currently, ecosystem partners are building solutions to the following needs identified through ecosystem visioning sessions:

The 5 Strategic Foci.

Guiding our work, we focus our theory of change on the following:

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Centralizing Communications

about STEM learning opportunities.


Increasing the Rigor

of STEM learning opportunities.


Identifying Gaps

in STEM learning opportunities and filling them.


Aligning STEM learning

to St. Louis workforce needs.


Strengthening Connectivity

of the ecosystem in order to serve STEM learners.

Paving the way with our values.

Guiding our work, we promise to always enact the following:


Be Inclusive:

Be intentionally inclusive to engage a broad range of individuals, families, groups, and a cross-sector of institutions to ensure diverse perspectives shape our ecosystem.

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Focus on Equitable Systems:

Ensure children, youth, and adult learners of all backgrounds and identities (especially gender and race) have equitable access to and opportunity to participate in high-quality STEM learning.


Learn Continuously:

Foster a collaborative, research-informed, data-driven process that enables a culture of continuous improvement.

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Be Respectful:

Create a respectful, empowering space that enables consistent communication, honest feedback, transparency, and authentic, open dialogue.


Take Risks:

Develop and sustain a hub for innovation and experimentation related to STEM learning by encouraging risk-taking and piloting new practices.

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Leverage the Ecosystem:

Sustain an ecosystem structure that leverages existing resources through collaborative planning and new investments that scale impact and address gaps.

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Updates on our Work

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